How to Configure Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

This article explains how to configure Multi-Factor Authentication and the end-user experience.

Activating MFA for your account couldn't be simpler. Administrators will find the option to enable MFA within the admin portal. From there, you can define whether MFA is a mandatory security measure for all users or an optional added layer of protection.

Configuring MFA

Firstly, go to Create Account on the left-hand navigation bar in the administration portal under 'Configure'. Here you should see a new Multi-factor authentication tab.

Please note, if you do not see this tab, inform your customer success manager and they can turn this on for you.

Toggle on Enable MFA & then toggle on Include MFA setup after create the account flow. You will then see two options appear, Optional & Required.

Optional: This will show the MFA screen with a Skip option for users to do the MFA enrollment later.

Required: This will show the MFA screen without having a Skip option and users need to forcefully do the MFA enrollment.

When either of these options are selected on the user side > users will immediately see the MFA enrollment screens inside their logged-in session.

Proceed with your chosen option and select save.

MFA is now turned on for your application for all users.

End-users Perspective

As an end-users passing through onboarding once they have verified their email address, they will be asked to add extra protection to their account.

Users will click start and then be asked to enter their application password.

Once verified by their password they will need to enter their phone number.

When they enter their phone number, a text will be sent to their phone with a 6-digit code.

The user will need to enter this code into the application. Or they have the option to request a new code.

Once verified via the code, they will have a success page appear.

The user will also receive a confirmation email that they have successfully set up MFA.

Adding or changing MFA Mobile Phone

If the end-user wants to add a different phone number or amend the one they have, they can do this by going to their profile in the platform and clicking on settings. There is a new area for Multi-Factor Authentication

Clicking on this, they can amend their number or add an additional number.

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