Welcome workflow best practices

This article contains our recommended best practice rules for configuring the welcome workflow.

The Welcome workflow helps to create excitement for your users about the experience ahead and motivates them to sign up. Below are the recommended best practices for creating the welcome workflow.

  • First impressions matter. Create an initial brand experience by highlighting the key features and benefits of the app to motivate users to sign up and access the app. Users should understand what’s in it for them within seconds of accessing the app.

  • Use an image and a color that represents the company’s brand on the welcome screen.

  • Keep the welcome workflow as engaging and short as possible to minimize drop-off. It should be clear and concise to communicate the value of your application.

  • Gather as little data as is needed to build an engaging experience for the user.

  • Use a clear and attractive headline that would prompt the user to discover more about the app.

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