Welcome to the Mindset AI documentation site.

Mindset AI Overview

Mindset is a beautiful human interface to complex backend systems and siloed knowledge. Our vision is to provide personalised, human-centric user interfaces powered by AI to abstract complex back-end systems and leverage knowledge within and without organisation.
Mindset AI consists of the following core components:
  • Mindset Platform is a multi-tenant SaaS platform used for all configuration and management of a Mindset customer (white-label) instance.
  • Mindset Knowledge Graph is a series of databases and processes used to understand the relationships between people, things and ideas. The Knowledge Graph is a complex system which uses the latest generative AI and machine learning.
  • Native Web, IOS, and Android applications deployed in the stores and configured on the platform.
  • Mindset API & Embedding SDK for embedding Mindset into portals and websites.
  • Advanced analytics and data are provided natively in BigQuery and through our embedded BI ThoughtSpot instance within the Mindset platform.
  • Integrations into over 500 SaaS platforms to either input information into the Mindset platform or to initiate Workflow tasks across other systems.
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