Our HubSpot integration allows you to effortlessly ingest content from your HubSpot account into your knowledge banks, reducing the time and effort required to manually upload and sync content.

How this integration works

We can seamlessly ingest a wide range of HubSpot content tailored to your specific needs. Using tags or content types (such as blogs or files), we ensure that only the most relevant content is imported. The synchronization frequency between HubSpot and your knowledge banks can be adjusted to suit your requirements. Typically, each media type will be mapped to a corresponding knowledge bank, ensuring organized and efficient content management.

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Knowledge Bank


Knowledge Bank


Knowledge Bank

Note: For blogs, we offer two ingestion options:

  • PDF Ingestion: We can ingest your blog posts as PDFs, allowing us to link directly to specific segments within your content.

  • HTML Ingestion: Alternatively, we can ingest your blog posts as HTML, enabling direct links that take customers straight to the relevant sections of your blog.

By providing these options, we ensure that your content is easily accessible and navigable for your users.

How to Get Started

To set up the Hubspot integration, please contact your Customer Success representative. We will gather the necessary information from you to get this integration up and running. Our team is here to ensure a smooth and efficient setup process, so you can start benefiting from the integration as soon as possible.

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