Reflection Engagement

How to configure reflection engagements

The reflection engagement allows app creators to send their users a series of open-ended questions and encourage them to write personal notes that remain private to them. Using this, users can journal, self-assess, or record their thoughts on specific topics related to the content within the app.

Setting up the senders

Before you begin creating an engagement, you will need to set up a list of senders. Under the Engagements library item, select the Senders tab, and click the Add new Sender button. You can now add the senders’ name, details and an image.

As you create engagements, you will be able to assign a sender from that list. The benefit of adding senders to your engagements is that it adds a human touch to the app experience.

Creating your engagement

To create your engagement, navigate to the “Engagements library” page under 'Manage'. Click on the Engagements tab and then the Add New Engagement button. Select the engagement type you wish to add from the dropdown displayed.

Configure a Reflection engagement

To configure a Reflection engagement click on the Add new engagement item drop-down.

Then choose reflection from the drop-down menu.

Here you can add a descriptive heading, summary and initial button text and in-progress button text. You’re also able to add an icon to the card and update the card background & text color.

Reflection engagements can include multiple open-ended questions as well as spacer pages. Only users will be able to access their responses provided in a Reflection engagement. In order to collect information from users that can be accessed by the facilitator, please use a Survey engagement.

To add a question select the Survey questions tab and click the Add new question button. Here you can choose between an open-ended question that encourages a text answer limited to a specific character limit or a spacer page which is an informative page that can be included at any point in the reflection process.

You also have the option to Hide the question's progress, this is the bar at the top of the screen where users can view which question they are currently on out of the total number of questions i.e. Question 1 of 1. This option allows app creators to hide it if they don't want it displayed.

Adding an open-ended question requires a primary question with supporting text if necessary, a maximum character limit, and button text. You will see a preview of this engagement on the right-hand side of the screen.

When configuring a spacer page you can add a title, upload an image (JPG, PNG or SVG format), add the main body of the text, upload a document for users to download, e.g. a PDF document, add a URL to external resources you want to share with users and customize the button text. You will see a preview of this engagement on the right-hand side of the screen.

Once your engagement (any type) has been completed you can view them on the Engagement library> Engagements screen and publish them.

Publishing from the Published locations tab

This tab shows a list of the locations where this engagement has been published, namely the Broadcast Channels and the Home screen. You can also publish from this location by clicking the Publish a copy button.

Next, click on the Select location dropdown and choose the location you want to publish the engagement and click on the Continue Button. Please note that, if you select the Broadcast channels, you have to select the desired channel from your list of channels before clicking on the Continue button.

You can select a sender from your senders' list which is optional by clicking on the Select sender dropdown and then clicking on the Continue button.

Next, select the start date which is when you want the users to receive the engagement copy by clicking on the calendar field. You can include an end date by clicking on the include an end date toggle button.

You can choose to send a push notification or not by clicking on the dropdown field and selecting from the options provided.

You can choose to show or not show the engagement in the broadcast channel carousel on the home screen by clicking on the dropdown and selecting from the options provided.

Click on the publish button at the top right corner of the screen to publish the engagement.

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