I am missing an access code on my Facilitation to share with attendees

What to do if you are missing an access code on the facilitation.

If you are missing an access code on your facilitation to be able to share with your attendees then follow the below steps.

  1. Who can access the Facilitation? Go to the Attendees tab inside your facilitation ensure ‘Open Access’ is selected and hit save.

  2. Have you published the facilitation? Check your facilitation has been published - you can tell by the green tick on your facilitation card or it will say ‘not yet published’.

Still can’t see an access code?

Check the Channel workflow has been turned on in Settings. This is important because this is the area where end-users will input the code. Once you have done this, perform a hard refresh and the code should now appear.

If you are still having trouble after following the above steps please contact Customer Support.

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