Onboarding best practices

An explanation of best practices for Onboarding workflow and how to make the most of the feature

The Onboarding workflow is the first interaction that users have with your app. It is the default workflow that runs when the users click ‘Get Started’ within the app. The Onboarding Workflow is the first opportunity to learn from and associate tags with the end-user by asking a few questions to learn about end-users and apply tags to them from the first time they use your app.

Here are a few best practices to make the most of your Onboarding Workflow:

Keep It Simple - The onboarding workflow is the first interaction that users have with your application. It is important to build credibility and trust at this step. Don’t overwhelm the users by asking too many questions too soon. Only ask for necessary information from users. Ensure that your onboarding workflow is simple and doesn’t have the users worrying about how their information will be utilized.

Break it Down into Steps - Utilise the multiple formats of questions and onboarding messaging available to divide the onboarding process into smaller steps or stages. This will make it easier for users to follow along and keep track of their progress.

Personalize the Experience - Mindset’s onboarding workflow can be personalized at every stage, from the Body text for the home page widget for the profile image under Home Page Settings to Welcome Text in reward configuration to Onboarding Survey Questions. Tailor the onboarding experience to the user's needs and preferences.

Measure and Iterate - See the utilization of tags associated with each user, and monitor user behavior to identify areas for improvement in the onboarding workflow and make changes accordingly. You can learn from the data and reiterate the configuration for a better user experience.

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