An explanation of what accounts are on the platform and how they can add value to your application.

Accounts are a way of grouping customers, organizations, or groups of people within your application and separating access and delivery to certain features and content. The Mindset AI Platform supports creating as many accounts as you wish within your application, allowing you to separate customers and enable individual accounts to have control over their own content.

As an application administrator, you can create many accounts within your application and assign account admins to independently administer their accounts and invite people to them. The account administrator sits within a specific account and therefore only has access to items within that account.

An account allows account admins to be able to work across many different accounts - essentially a many-many relationship. Additionally, users can belong to more than one account.

All content is either app level (which means that all accounts have access to it) or account level, which means that only the members of the account have access to the account content. If a user leaves an account, all their access to content belonging to that account is removed from their device, but they retain content that is accessible from the app level.

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