How to invite end-users to an Account

An explanation of how to invite end users to an account on the application.

There are currently 2 ways of inviting end-users into an account:

  • Auto Grouping

Autogrouping will automatically send an invite to any user with a matching domain. This is the simplest way to ensure a large organisation can gain access to an account. Setting up auto-grouping needs to be completed by a Mindset technical admin - please speak to your customer success representative to make use of this functionality.

  • By email address

Adding email addresses to a safe list will allow you to invite a specific and targeted group of people to an account. When inviting people this way, add the email addresses of the individuals you wish to invite into the account administration portal and then send them a join link to access the application.

To invite end users, go to the the account administration portal and click on the Members menu on the left side of the screen, then click on the Invite People tab where you can add the end user email address(es) in the field provided.

You have the option to notify users via email or not. If you would like for users to be notified via email then choose Yes, notify via email option, then under Email subject add subject text and under Your personalised message enter a message to the user(s).

If you choose the No, don't notify via email, then the user must first register in the app before seeing the option to join the account.

Once a user has signed up and have created their personal account, they will receive an invite inside their app to join their Company or Organisation’s account.

Please note that the account admin can copy the invite link and send to the end user by clicking Copy link button which is displayed under the invite tab (see first image) and this link will direct users to the application. This link will direct users to the application on the relevant store for their device or open the web application on their browser.

However, note that simply accessing the link will not invite the end user to the account. They must be added using one of the two methods above.

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