Tags FAQ

See a list of frequently asked questions regarding Tags, below.

Can end-users see the tags assigned to their human?

Understanding end-user's visibility over tags.

End users are unable to see any of the tags applied to them. Tags are used in the back end of the platform as the algorithm assigns content to humans based on their preferences. There is no visibility of this to end-users within the application, only administrators can view this information.

Can I delete tags?

Understanding the access and ability of administrators in regard to tags.

Currently, Application Administrators are unable to delete tags. There is no capability within the application to remove tags at this time. Tags are a fundamental part of each application and should be handled with care. Removing a Tag will impact any human and piece of content associated with it on the application. Therefore we have to assess the risk involved and manage it carefully within the support team. We do encourage care to be taken when Tags are created to avoid the need to delete them.

If you would like a tag deleted please contact a member of the support team and they can manage this request.

Can Account Administrators Create Tags?

Understanding the access and ability of Account administrators in regard to tags.

Currently, Account administrators are unable to create or edit tags. The permission for editing or creating tags is only available to Application Administrators. The reason for this is that creating Tags and using tags impacts the content they are applied to and the human which will be assigned the tag. They are a fundamental part of the whole application and at this time cannot be segmented per account.

If an account administrator would like to create a tag, we would suggest they discuss this with the application administrator and ask them to add it.

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