Agent Testing Framework

Agent Testing Framework: This feature is enabled by default for all customers and is currently in its alpha release state.

In order to access the agent testing framework, you will need to be in the administration portal of your application.

Next, go to Manage → Agents and select the agent you are wanting to test.

In the agent configuration, you'll notice the Preview tab is available for you to use the Agent as an application administrator.

The Testing tab enables you to run tests and compare agent responses to understand end-users' experiences based on the Agent they're interacting with.

The Testing tab

Test case: Firstly, under the ‘Testing’ heading, you will see the test case title. Test cases are prompts or messages directed at the agent that you want to compare between two different agent configurations. In this box, write your prompts or messages, using a new line for each prompt or question. Once you are satisfied with your entries, click save.

Run tests: Next, navigate to the Run Tests heading and click the 'Run Tests' button above your prompts/messages. This will test the messages against the current agent configuration. For example, if you're using Bob, the well-being agent, the prompts will be tested for Bob. A response will be generated for each saved prompt. Please note that in this alpha release, you'll need to click on the blue text response to view the agent's full reply.

With the responses from the test now available, you can proceed to run comparisons.

Run comparisons: Finally, under the 'Run Comparisons' heading, you can compare the agent responses to your selected prompts and messages with those from another pre-configured agent in your application. Please note that currently, you can only compare responses with one other agent at a time. To perform the comparison, select which other agent you would like to compare and then click the 'Run Tests' button under the 'Run Comparisons' heading.

You have now successfully compared responses between two agents.

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