Setting up Content Discovery carousels

A how-to guide for setting up your carousels in the Content Discovery workflow.

Labels: What are they?

When setting up the Content Discovery feature of your Knowledge Graph workflow, labels can be added to help organize your content for your end-users. You can assign different labels to different content items within your Knowledge Banks. In addition to this, you can assign multiple labels to the same content item should it be suitable under more than one label category.

Where can they be found?

Labels can be created in the administration portal of your application under Manage→ Knowledge

Under the Labels heading, you will find a ‘Create Label’ button.

Selecting this will then invite you to input your label name and decide on user visibility.

You can order your labels by selecting the three dots in the top right corner of the label and selecting ‘Move Up’ or ‘Move Down’ accordingly. This will determine the order of each carousel in the Content Discovery workflow.

How can I assign a label to my content items?

In your Knowledge Bank, find the content item you are wishing to assign a label to. Select the three dots in the top right corner of the content item and click ‘Edit’.

Next, scroll down to the ‘Labels’ subheading. Here, you can search for your previously configured labels and select the label you wish the content item to be assigned to. Please note: you can select more than one label here.

Now, your content item will have the associated labels you have selected in your Content Discovery workflow.

Please note: Adding labels will instantly create the carousel in the user-facing front end of your application. If you wish to avoid any potential disruption to end users, please let a member of the Customer Success team know and they can support you.

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