Learn about the Events feature in the Knowledge graph workflow

What are Events?

Events are a way of marketing your in-person or online conferences or workshops to encourage user sign-ups. Events is an additional feature inside the Knowledge Graph workflow. They can help advertise and drive registration for live-stream events hosted on an external platform.

Where can my users find Events in my application?

If you wish to configure Events in your application, you will need to contact your customer success representative to turn on this feature for you. Once done, you will need to assign this workflow to a navigation tab in your application’s navigation bar, in a similar way to other workflows.

Under Design→ Navigation and Layout, you will be able to select the navigation icon you wish to configure, select Configure, and then choose Events under the ‘Workflows’ heading. Now, events will be assigned to your chosen navigation icon.

Event Types

There are two types of Events in the Mindset platform:

External Events - Events hosted outside of the platform

Live Streaming Events - Events live streamed into the platform

Read how to configure External Events or Live Streaming Events.

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