Setting up the Content Player

An overview of the Knowledge Graph - Content Player and how it can be set up to add value to your application.

How to set up the Knowledge Graph workflow

Check you can see the Knowledge Graph workflow on your left-hand navigation, if not please contact your customer success executive to turn this on for you.

Setting up Content Discovery workflow

If you want to showcase the Content Discovery to end users, go to Configure > Design and then Navigation and layout to choose which tab you want the content discovery workflow to appear on.

Then go to Configure > Knowledge and the Content Discovery tab, scroll to the bottom of the page to find the screen card you can configure. Note: this will only appear when multiple workflows are on the same navigation tab. Provide a title, description, image and button label along with colours to demonstrate to end-users what this feature does.

Setting up the Content Player

The Content Player tab allows you to configure the look and feel for end users. It is how end-users will watch or listen to content found in the Discovery section. Here you can configure the colours and overall theme of light or dark. You can also preview what it will look like on different devices.

Once you have set up each of these areas, you are ready to start uploading your content in knowledge banks.

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