‘Trending’ carousel calculations

An explanation of what the Trending Carousel is and how it is calculated in the Content discovery feature of your Knowledge Graph Workflow.

What is the Trending carousel?

The Trending carousel in the Content Discovery Feature enables end-users to see which content items are most popular as other users are engaging with them.

The content items with the highest engagement and interaction will be visible at the front of the Trending list, whilst content with lower engagement levels will be visible further along.

Where can I find the trending carousel?

The Trending carousel can be found in the content discovery feature of the Knowledge Workflow underneath the What's New carousel.

How is the trending carousel calculated in my application?

The trending carousel is based on the number of times a content item (video or PDF) is accessed by any user, from any interface. This means that the more users interact with a piece of content in your application, the higher it will be displayed on the 'Trending' list.

Please keep in mind that the trending section reflects user activity from the past 7-14 days.

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