Exporting raw data

How to export raw data from ThoughtSpot

Exploring your raw data in ThoughtSpot allows you to add and edit filters and columns, as well as comparing your own values.

In order to explore your raw data, simply select the tile in ThoughtSpot that you want to explore, and select the ‘Explore’ button in the top right corner.

Once you have selected ‘Explore’, you will then be able to view your data visualization along with a right-hand navigation bar which will allow you to edit this data.

Searches in ThoughtSpot use columns that are defined as either attributes or measures.

ThoughtSpot identifies search columns (sales, customer_name, total_sale) as either attributes or measures.

The columns you choose impact your search results. That’s because several chart types expect that your search contains a certain number of attributes and a certain number of measures. You can first do this by adding your own filter to the data. Example filters you can add here include app or account name, or user email domain.

You can alternatively add a measure, measures are numeric values you can do math on, with meaningful results. You will most likely find your measures on the y-axis of your chart.

An example of a measure includes: Number of users.

An example of an attribute include: Account names.

Therefore, with these measures and attributes above, the visualisation would be: Number of users in each account.

In addition to adding new columns, you can also replace existing columns under the ‘Replace’ subheading.

Finally, you can compare your own values under the ‘Compare’ subheading.

If you require any additional assistance with understanding this, please reach out to a member of the Mindset AI Customer Success team.

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