How to Configure External Events

Learn how to Configure External Events in your application

How to configure Events

In your application administration portal, go to Configure > Events workflow. Here, you can configure the design and Event states for your application.

Under General Settings you can set up a workflow card, carousel title, and workflow colors. On the Event states tab you can choose various states for the event depending on time i.e. future, live, past event. Under Event signup you can configure the sign up text and buttons.

Please note that the events home screen card will only be visible if the Events workflow is assigned alongside other workflows under the same navigation tab.

Should the Events workflow be configured on its own under a navigation tab, the home screen card will not be visible, and the workflow will fill the entire user’s screen instead. How to add Events to your application

To set up an event in your first go to Manage → Events workflow in your application administration portal. Here, you will be able to add an External or Live stream event.

When adding an External Event, you can provide a name, date, time, image, label for the carousel, and the Event URL. This is only for those events hosted outside of the platform.

Once youre happy, click publish and it will be available for end-users.

For Live Streaming events, please head to How to Configure Live Streaming to learn more.

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