Application loading time

If the application is taking too long to load follow the guidance below

A guide to support users experiencing issues in loading the application

When the application takes too long to load either on the web or a mobile device, there could be different reasons for this behavior as explained below.

  • The user might be experiencing Internet connection issues. The end user should check if they can access other application URLs for example, to confirm if it is loading fast. The speed of the network can hugely affect the speed of the application loading to the screen. If the network is slow, the app performance will also be slow.

  • The user could have been in the same session for too long and should perform a hard refresh to clear the cache/cookies on the system and then try again. Refer to the article ‘How to hard refresh your Browser and Clear your Cache’.

  • If the user is using an outdated version of the app on a mobile device, the app might tend to become slow. The user should download an updated version of the app from the app store of the mobile device type. The user should ensure they are using the latest version of the app and that the operating system is also the latest version if using a mobile device.

Please contact the success team by raising an MSP ticket if the issue remains unresolved to enable the team to investigate further.

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