Knowledge Bank Best Practices

Learn about best practices to follow when creating a knowledge bank

To configure and create the best Knowledge Banks for your Agents, follow the below best practices.

  • Ensure your PDF content follows a clear structure, including the use of headings and sub-headings.

  • When uploading content, review the value of the content and establish the value end-users will get from it. If its not valuable, don't add it.

  • Ensure the name of the file does not start with '#'

  • The length of the content does not matter as it will be segmented.

  • Ensure the processing of videos includes titles for each segment and that these titles make sense. The system will produce AI-generated titles but sometimes they need tweaking.

  • We recommend always adding a thumbnail image - this helps end-users understand the content topic and decide whether they want to engage.

If you require any support configuring your knowledge bank please let us know.

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