Assessment Engagement

How to create and configure the Assessment Engagement

What is the Assessment Engagement?

The Assessment engagement can be used to understand the learning needs of end-users. It can be used in 2 primary ways:

  1. To understand an end-user or organization’s baseline level of knowledge, in order to present them with targeted content and learning (as well as identify consulting opportunities)

  2. To test an end user's knowledge much like a quiz after completing a learning experience - such as a facilitation or learning journey.

Configuring the Assessment Engagement

To create an Assessment Engagement, navigate to the “Engagement Library” page of the “App information” section. Click on the Engagements tab and the Add new engagement button, and select Assessment Engagement from the dropdown menu.

You will then see the Assessment display tab where you can configure the foundations of the Engagement. Create a title, description, and button text and add an image.

Much like Survey Engagements, you can choose to include an intro step with a video to explain more about the Assessment and why end-users should complete it.

Under the Settings tab, you can then decide whether your Engagement should show the correct answers after each question (like a quiz) or whether end users are just inputting their answers for the application administrator to review (like an assessment). Depending on what you are trying to achieve with this Engagement you can choose either option and hit save.

You can also decide whether to give the end user an action plan or not. When enabled, they will see an action plan at the end of the assessment/quiz. This will give them guidance on areas they may need to work on. You can specify which answers are added to the action plan and what the action is for each answer.

If you toggle yes on the action plan end-users will be able to see the plan at the end of their assessment/quiz. To configure this go to the Action plan tab and add the various actions you want end-users to be shown. You will be able to link them once the survey questions are configured.

To add the questions to the Assessment Engagement go to the Survey Questions tab, here you can add a multiple-choice question, an open-ended question, or a spacer page. The configuration here is the same as Survey Engagements. To demonstrate the multiple choice question, you can add a heading, supporting text, a category, and button text. Once you have configured your question, add the Answers and configure the number correct, scoring options, tagging, and immediate feedback.

If you have an action plan you can also assign this question to an action by going onto the map actions tab and choosing the action per incorrect question.

Configure the completion and results page under the Results tab. Here you can add an image, or message and display their score.

You can then configure the completed state card and where you want it to display for the end-user.

Publishing from the Published locations tab

This tab shows a list of the locations where this engagement has been published, namely the Broadcast Channels and the Home screen. You can also publish from this location by clicking the Publish a copy button.

Next, click on the Select location dropdown choose the location you want to publish the engagement and click on the Continue Button. Please note that, if you select the Broadcast channels, you have to select the desired channel from your list of channels before clicking on the Continue button.

You can select a sender from your senders' list which is optional by clicking on the Senders tab underneath the Engagements Library.

Next, select the start date which is when you want the users to receive the engagement copy by clicking on the calendar field. You can include an end date by clicking on the include an end date toggle button.

You can choose to send a push notification or not by clicking on the dropdown field and selecting from the options provided.

You can choose to show or not show the engagement in the broadcast channel carousel on the home screen by clicking on the dropdown and selecting from the options provided.

Click on the publish button at the top right corner of the screen to publish the engagement.

Congratulations! You have now published your Assessment Engagement.

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