Embedding vs. Integration: Key Differences

Understanding the Difference Between Embedding and Integrations

This article explains the differences between integrations and embedding components on the Mindset platform.

What is Embedding?

At the heart of machine learning and artificial intelligence lies the concept of embeddings. Essentially, embeddings allow machine learning models to identify similar objects. For instance, given a photo or a document, a machine learning model equipped with embeddings could locate a similar photo or document. This ability to understand the relationships between words and other objects forms the foundation of artificial intelligence (AI).

The Practice of Embedding

Embedding, in the context of web development, refers to the process of incorporating a specific component or an entire platform into your own website or application. This allows users to access and interact with the embedded content directly from your platform, eliminating the need to navigate to a separate site.

An Example: Mindset Embed SDK

To illustrate this concept, let's consider Mindset, which offers an Embed SDK. This SDK allows you to embed specific components or the complete Mindset experience into your online application or site. This can be achieved using either the Mindset Embed SDK or an iFrame.

The Mindset Embed SDK

The Mindset Embed SDK is a robust tool that enables you to embed the entire Mindset experience into your platform. However, it does require some understanding of JavaScript. This method is recommended for those who are comfortable with coding and wish to fully utilize the capabilities of the Mindset platform.

Embedding Using an iFrame

Alternatively, if you prefer a simpler approach, you can also embed Mindset using an iFrame. This method is straightforward to implement but may offer limited capabilities compared to the Embed SDK. It's ideal for those who want to quickly integrate Mindset into their platform without delving too deeply into code.

What is an Integration?

Integration, on the other hand, entails linking two systems so that they can function together effortlessly. This can include sharing data between systems, activating actions in one system based on events in another, or merging features from both systems.

Integration does not always include embedding content into your platform, although it frequently does. For example, you could embed a component from one platform into your own, then combine the two systems to share data or perform actions based on user interactions.

Integrations on the Mindset platform

Mindset work with the Integration partner - Cyclr. They connect with over 500 applications such as Slack, Teams and Hubspot to bring together the mindset platform & these applications. Integrations in the Mindset context will involve the push or pull of data from or to systems. For example, Mindset may push information to Slack, with the goal of sending the user a message inside Slack. Each Integration will be set up individually to serve specific purposes.

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