Download Engagement

How to configure the Download Engagement

The Download Engagement allows application administrators to upload documents in different file formats like PDF, Doc, Docx, CSV, etc., with the provision of attaching up to 5 documents that can be used to communicate and engage with end-users.

Creating your first download engagement

To create your first download engagement, navigate to the “Engagement Library” under “Manage” on the left hand navigation. Click on the Add New Engagement button, and select Download Engagement from the dropdown.

Under the Details tab, enter the Title and the Description, and instructions of the download engagement. You will be able to preview the content on the right-hand side.

Click on the Select Color button to select the Engagement card background color and Engagement card text color.

Click on the Upload File button to upload the document. You can upload up to 5 files and the size of each file can be up to 10MB.

Once the download engagement has been completed and saved, you can view it on the Engagement Library > Engagements screen. To display this for end-users click on Publish a copy to make it visible. To use the Engagement inside a Facilitation, leave the Engagement unpublished; this will save it as a draft for when you are ready to build your Facilitation.

Publishing from the Published Locations tab

This tab shows a list of the locations where this engagement has been published, namely the Broadcast Channels and the Home screen. You can also publish from this location by clicking the Publish a copy button.

Next, click on the Select location dropdown and choose the location you want to publish the engagement and click on the Continue Button. Please note that you have the option to publish to the Broadcast channels or home screen. If you select the Broadcast channels, you have to select the desired channel from your list of channels before clicking on the Continue button.

After selecting the location to publish the engagement, click on the Continue button.

You can select a sender from your senders' list which is optional by clicking on the Senders tab in the engagements library and then clicking on the Continue button at the top right corner of the screen.

Next, select the start date which is when you want the users to receive the engagement copy by clicking on the calendar field. You can include an end date by clicking on the include an end date toggle button.

You can choose to send a push notification or not by clicking on the dropdown field and selecting from the options provided.

Click on the publish button at the top right corner of the screen to publish the engagement.

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